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steps to refurbishing an existing sign unit

 olivero design wood sign - walden pond

The next step in this sign project was to use the same post units as in the previous wood sign. We cleaned and painted them. After that the new sign panels were ready to install. 

Unlike the wood sign we replaced these new signs are made from HDU sign board. This gives us the look of wood while increasing the durability of the sign board. And 

creating a fresh design - wood sign makeover

In the last post we talked about initial discussion we had with Walden Pond to replace their old wood signs. The next step was not just to replace the old wood signs with new of the same look. The customer wanted a fresh look, an updated look.

replacing old wood signs

What would you do with the old signs at your subdivision entrance? A previous customer came to Olivero Design to talk over their options - "should we refurbish or should we replace?" The four signs at two entrances of the Walden Pond subdivision have served well for over 20 years. but it was time to replace them.


The paint was peeling. The wood was splitting in several places. The posts appeared to be in fairly good shape, however. We considered the possibility that

the vibrant character of the carved sign

 From New England to New Orleans shop owners sport the name of their restaurant, office or boutique with a carved sign.  The carved sign has become well known in certain areas of the country such as the northeast and in tourist destinations across the country.   Yet, the carved sign is not just reserved for novelty signage. 

It is also a popular style of signage used by professionals, doctors, attorneys, etc.  A carved sign makes a statement of permanence, a statement of quality.  There is something to be said for a sign that catches the eye, is quite visible and has character.  You could put your business name in neon, but

custom wood signs


The value of a quality sign cannot be underestimated. A sign not only shows your name. It's a sign of who you are.


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our mission:

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