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the vibrant character of the carved sign

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By odesign - Posted on 31 July 2009

 From New England to New Orleans shop owners sport the name of their restaurant, office or boutique with a carved sign.  The carved sign has become well known in certain areas of the country such as the northeast and in tourist destinations across the country.   Yet, the carved sign is not just reserved for novelty signage. 

It is also a popular style of signage used by professionals, doctors, attorneys, etc.  A carved sign makes a statement of permanence, a statement of quality.  There is something to be said for a sign that catches the eye, is quite visible and has character.  You could put your business name in neon, but

then again maybe a sign doesn't have to scream who you are.  An attractive carved sign in wood or urethane might be just what your business name needs.


custom wood signs


The value of a quality sign cannot be underestimated. A sign not only shows your name. It's a sign of who you are.


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our mission:

to make a sign

that's a sign of

your excellence.