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replacing old wood signs

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By odesign - Posted on 01 February 2011

What would you do with the old signs at your subdivision entrance? A previous customer came to Olivero Design to talk over their options - "should we refurbish or should we replace?" The four signs at two entrances of the Walden Pond subdivision have served well for over 20 years. but it was time to replace them.


The paint was peeling. The wood was splitting in several places. The posts appeared to be in fairly good shape, however. We considered the possibility that

 these posts could be reused. This would save the customer

money toward a quartet of brand new signs. That is the path we pursued. I think you'll like the final result.


 In upcoming posts we'll show the progress of fitting Walden Pond with a fresh look at its entrances. If you are considering a similar project   contact us. Keeping the "front door" to your subdivision or village or business in good shape is not just a matter of aesthetics. For homeowners it's a matter of adding value to their properties. For business owners putting your best foot forward on the outside of your shop matters as much as giving the customer a pleasing experience inside. 


Check back again. Next time I'll look at the design process for these new signs.

custom wood signs


The value of a quality sign cannot be underestimated. A sign not only shows your name. It's a sign of who you are.


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our mission:

to make a sign

that's a sign of

your excellence.